Hi, I’m Kathreen and I’m a reluctant runner.

Why I took up running has more to do with tennis and the sedentary nature of my career. But after a few weeks I discovered that were aspects of this activity that I enjoyed. More about that later. Below are the details my immediate goal, the challenges I’m facing and the online tools I use.

Present Goal: Run the 1/2 Marathon Sunday, October 7, 2012

Why? Because I haven’t done it yet. Last year- circumstances prevented me from running despite the fact I trained.

This year – it’s going to happen.

I’ve been running 19km for a couple of weeks now and while every muscle, neuron, and synapse  in me screams “What the ********* are you doing?” I just keep going.

Previous Goal:Half Marathon-October 2011- Victoria, B.C.
Total Time To Prepare: 6  months
Current Total km I can run without feeling the need to throw up: 10km
Remaining km to conquer: 12 km
Then what? I’ve always wanted to try fencing

First Goal: Times Colonist 10Km
Total Time Spent Running: I’ve been running several times a week for one year
Total km I can run without feeling like I want to throw up: 6km
Total km I need to run on Sunday, May 1: 10km
Total number of people I have convinced to run with me: I think I found one kind sympathetic person who I bugged into submitting to the answer “yes”. The reality is a lot of people say they will run with you but convincing them to actually meet you on the pavement is a different story.

RESULT? I did it! Ran 10km with 14,000 other people on Sunday, May 1. Overcame the compulsion to sit down and enjoy a java while the rest of the fanatics jogged by. That’s my friend, Trever who also ran the race!

©Josh McCulloch

I decided spend money on something other than my expensive Saucony’s  and officially registered for the Victoria Times Colonist 10km.

How weird is this for me?

I’ve never considered myself athletic. Growing up I was the “artsy -fartsy” girl involved in  theatre, dance and singing. I definitely took a leap at athletics such as basketball, track and field and a short unfortunate affair with rugby but none of these forays lasted. Whenever we had to endure  the dreaded “running period” in PE class my friend and I would run half the route, dive behind a neighbor’s hedge then wait for the class to return and run the rest of the route back with the class.

The weird thing about running is it didn’t take long before I  liked it- well… not the running part- but the routine of getting out into the community and experiencing the pulse of other people not caught up in the “wheel of fortune” rat race.

Where I run I see the same people pretty much every day and I look forward to the .5 second nod, good morning, and occasional phrase about the day. One day I saw a “regular” not walking his dog and I surprised myself by stopping my pace and asking  where his dog was? I discovered that this man walks his neighbor’s dog every day but the owner was currently on holidays. How civilized, how normal. So this partly explains why on earth this middle aged body has taken up running. How great is that? Well I’ll let you know after May 1 when I take to the streets with thousands of others. Until then the countdown begins.

Cool Programs I Use To Check Out Routes and Distances:

Map My Run This is a nifty online tool that tracks how far you have run and also suggests other routes you can take.

Favourite Blog To Date: I Hate Running

Discovered yet another blog by Alan Levine (when does this guy sleep or walk his dog?) with lots of nifty tools and a healthy measure of humour and perspective.

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