What’s saving my life right now?

New York Graffiti © Kathreen Riel

This phrase is borrowed from Modern Mrs Darcy who blogs about ideas or practices that are life enriching. The last few months have provided some opportunities to discover new ideas and inspirations. Here are a few of them. Top three books that will brighten your perspective on life.

I finished reading The Music Shop and then went out and bought six more copies. Looking for an inspiring “feel awesome” book? This is my top pick! This is my new desert island book. If I only could bring one novel, this would be it.

The Beekeepers Apprentice. How did I miss this book when it was first released? This is like a fine dining experience. Slowly savour the exquisite nuances of this superb writing.


This is a love story on so many levels. Love, grief, healing, and the power of dirt and weeds and buds and petals to bring healing.



Acrylic Pouring
I started watching Molly and before you knew it I was mixing, pouring, shifting and swaying paint. Warning! This is highly addictive! It takes a few tries to get the right consistency of paint but it is super rewarding to observe how the paint reacts to each pour.





This will likely be featured in every post from now on. He’s my 66 pound rescue and some days I wonder just who was rescued.

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