Lessons From The Cowboy Trail

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To really get the vibe of this post, listen to Corb Lund singing,  Alberta Says Hello by clicking on the play button below

I had the privilege of spending time with a friend who I have known for a long time. And every time we get together I experience what I call the intersection of all things good coming together- comfort, perspective, challenge and just knowing that the person you are sitting with knows you. We live in different provinces and sometimes months go by without hearing from one another but when we do connect, no excuses, no pretension, we just chill out and let each other in. It’s at these times when I feel the most blessed and humbled. Blessed because despite my personal baggage perceived or otherwise I know I have a friend who gets it and gets me. Humbled because I feel like I’ve won the lottery  in lifegood health, choices, freedom and a friend.

So if you haven’t chilled out with a friend for awhile I encourage you to call someone up right now, do it! Don’t listen to the negative reel, contact someone on a whim- the one who “fills your cup”  and gets you.


2 thoughts on “Lessons From The Cowboy Trail

  1. Kathreen,
    Enjoyable post. Thanks for sharing. You are right, there is nothing like a friend like that. Ive had many a friend, but none so good as one in particular, whom I feel closer to than my sisters! Its a special relationship, one to be treasured. I womder why most men dont seem to have such intimate relationships?
    Loved the Corb Lund track.

  2. Thanks Susan,
    I wonder whether men do share a similar intimacy but they’re not articulate their reflections so openly -least of all blog about it:)

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