Paying A Premium To Tune Out The World

I read this article over the weekend about highly educated ambitious people relying on paid subscriptions to applications such as Anti-Social and Freedom to prevent themselves from social networking distractions while working on their computers. Really? This reminds me of the time I first saw those tiny chocolate bars that you could purchase for more money than a regular chocolate bar but provided a relatively guilt free sugar hit. Why can’t we postpone the distractions until the work is done? Why can’t we buy normal food portions and consume what we need? Are we so detached from the present and so uncomfortable with solitude that we constantly crave online social interactions?  Kathy Gill from Washington University suggests that tweets,  status updates, blog comments etc.. raise serotonin levels so that some people are conditioned to rely on these stimuli like pathetic Pavlovian canines. I don’t get it. I’m on the outer reaches of the extrovert spectrum but I turn off all distractions when faced with impending deadlines that require long hours in front of this screen. Then again I’ve never bought a skimpy chocolate bar for double the price either. How about you? Would you pay for a tool that helps you tune out social distractions?

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