It’s Time To Break Some Rules

So I have been evaluating why I don’t seem to make time to blog and I realized that I outgrew my blog and that I needed to change it so that it reflects more of who I am at this point in my life. I spend a good deal of time  designing and evaluating educational technologies and online learning tools but this is only a slice of  life that I live. So despite the fact that blogs should be focused on one theme I’ve decided that the blog for me and one that I will invest some creative energy in is a smorgasbord of ideas and experiences. Speaking of smorgasbord why don’t we use this word anymore?
First up on the smorgasbord experience. An unexpected Victoria snowfall…Woke up motivated to continue my running regimen but not so fast…a foot of snow fell on Victoria snarling traffic and bringing Canada’s Lotus Land to a serene standstill. Check out my pics in my photo gallery.

Photo above by ©bayswater97

2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Break Some Rules

  1. I *love* the title of this post. That’s you to a T, Kathreen!
    I also have failed miserably at making time to blog. Someday!

  2. Ah…yes.. possibly a little too obvious about my natural tendencies for breaking rules!!! 🙂 Yes, I’ve neglected my blog for awhile too. I thought I better pay attention to it or bag it all together.

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