Traversing The Twitter Torrent


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Following certain people on Twitter is like attending a department meeting in which one person who particularly adores the sound of their own voice talks incessantly about every agenda item effectively aggravating their colleagues to passive fits of nausea. You know what I talking about.

After twenty minutes of this relentless pontification you begin to imagine medieval torture devices that are more humane than sitting for one more minuteĀ  through this meeting. That’s how Twitter felt for me this week. I chose to follow two respected innovators in the field of technology and one person sent more than sixty Tweets a day about every incidental topic on the Net. Want to know how to open a wine bottle with a shoe? Happy National Toilet Day? Who cares? I was expecting to receive Tweets specifically about technology innovations not random quirky trivia links that I could likely find myself through Stumble. This led me to suspect that one of these prominent Tweeters has Tweet Serfs who’s mission is to send out a Tweet every few minutes or else risk being banished from The Slick Technology Superstar Kingdom. Today I will stop following all those people who I suspect have Tweet Serfs and limit my Tweet Deck to those who recognize quality over quantity. My advice is to boldly filter your tweets or drown in the drone of superfluous intelligence.

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